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Am I still going through puberty at 18?
An_246467 posted:
Here are the the stages I've been through

Age 12: Noticed a couple pubic hairs near crotch

13: Nothing changed

14: Voiced started cracking and getting deeper, I hit a growth spurt and grew like 5-6 in. Voice matured right before I hit 15.

15: Stuff got bad. I got acne, dry ass curly hair, I started only pooping once every 3 days, I got bloated, breath got stinkier, get body odor a lot faster, got extremely self conscious, started to feel like everyone is staring at me and judging me, started to feel like there's nothing to talk about, got really depressed, I'm ALWAYS bored, lost interest in things I usually like, I feel tired and drained throughout the day, started to have terrible memory ( I used to have really good memory), and I'm way more emotional about everything.

16: People noticed my face was maturing. Grew hair on my butt crack haha.

17: Nothing noticeable has changed.

I turned 18 yesterday and I still feel all the things I felt at 15. I still have acne and dry curly hair. I've never once been unhealthy or had a bad diet so it's not that. What the heck is wrong with me?
Demons2011 responded:
LOL, ask any doctor and they will say puberty doesn't end until about 23 for most people. That might be for Women, but Men not until around 30. Wait on the last part that might be emotional maturity.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
yes- unfortunately every one goes through this at different stages. Your general doctor could give you a better answer, but as a psychiatrist and human being that has lived through puberty , had friends go through it, may all be normal....