jaws86 posted:
I am going to start a long-term drug/substance group that is only $50/week with 3 meetings a week. I have heard of this group that others have said is very reputable. The only reason I havent started there before is that my ex-sponsee is the administrator/ counselor of the group. What do yall think?
Demons2011 responded:
My feelings on these types of groups is pretty positive- says the depressed person. Still the one thing that makes them work, always seems to be "you get out-what you put out." So Jaws, I hope you put in a lot, the rewards should be greater for you!
chez1 responded:
Hey Jimmy, I am with D on this one, give it all you have and you will reap the rewards.
You deserve this and deserve to get better
Hugs to you
Chez x
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