when isn't a bother a bother?
Anon_152804 posted:
As i go along my roller coaster ride called life, i wonder who do i talk to when there's no one around? when my thinking is in another atmosphere, but i'm not suicidal? who do i tell my good feelings to when everyone seems busy? how many naps do i need to take to avoid having a conversation? how many journal entries do i write before i realize there's no one to read them? how do i handle my thoughts between group and individual therapy sessions? where do i go when there's no invitation, who do i turn to when no one wants to face me? how can i share when i trust no one? the loneliness never goes away. sometimes happy moments will come and go, but they never stay for long stretches. who do i bother, when no one bothers me.
zaketaz responded:
I know exactly how you're feeling. I have so many days like that also. I personally use www.facingus.org and then I print my journal and bring it to my therapist, I trust him to read it and it actually helps me. I call the days I feel like I have nobody and feel like crying,which happens alot, my mini meltdown days. And coming to the online communities helps. There is one on facebook that is private that also is there for support. I hope you feel better
dwashvp replied to zaketaz's response:
thank you for the recommendation. i went online today and found the site quite restoring.