Friday Five - Travel
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Friday's off topic conversation to start the weekend is about travel. Take a virtual vacation and share -

Favorite vacation you have been on?
The closest famous tourist destination to you?
Worst/Funniest travel story?
Where would you go if time and money were no object?
Favorite way to travel - car, plane, ship, train?

No mouse this weekend, but I do need to run to pick up my little girly from school. Will check back in later tonight!

Demons2011 responded:
Favorite Vacation - Cruise(s) - Disney Magic crew spoiled every one on board.

Famous tourist Destination - Mt. Rushmore (9hrs), Colorado Rocky Mountains, all of it. (10 hrs). Immedeately around here we get to listen to the corn grow.

Travel by car the best, time to stop at all the little places you miss by other means. Winerys, small restraunts which you'll never see again.
zaketaz responded:
Favorite- Disneyland

Closest- Glacier National Park

Funniest- Went to an Amusement park, and they had bumper boats, Well mine decided it was going to move and I fell into the water, very funny, and it was cold and rainy that day and I was in jeans and froze my butt off.

$ no object- New York, NY, or Disney World

Favorite way to travel- Train, love the scenery,
Jeune1 responded:
England for 2 weeks
Washington, D.C.
Camping in a deluge