Anon_152804 posted:
like to paint when i feel my mind wondering, it helps me to focus. today i began a painting i will call faces. i hope everyone will see the message and not call the painting a tree:( I thought the painting would speak to the many people that are willing to support me. in my painting there is a white line down the middle of the silhouettes, that represents the walls I have built that has prevented me from accepting help from others. It is my hope that even after I'm done with my painting that i will begin erasing the wall that puts that major gap in my recovery. If i was thinking positive:) I would say that the line in the painting represents the bridge that i am now building to begin to allow others to help me, and the silhouettes represent the support groups and leaders that are now reaching out to me.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there -

Hope you will post a pic of your painting when complete. Sounds like a incredibly therapeutic and insightful way to express what you are feeling and the great supportive bridges you are building.

Thanks so much for sharing this,