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    Mood Swings
    lissmeanstrouble posted:
    I thought I had my depression under control, but now I feel out of control. I am having outbursts at people, crying spells, losing my temper.
    I am concerned cause last night, I went hunting with my dad and my fiance. I got carsick, and felt like I was going to throw up, so I told them to go hunt the hillside and I would wait in the truck for a while til we went to the next spot.
    Well about 30 minutes- 45 mins later my hunny comes up the hill with out my dad. I wasnt really worried till I asked him where he was and he threw up his hands and said I have no idea, I cant find him.
    Everytime we go hunting I dont split up, cause Im scared of getting lost. What my hunny failed to tell me, is that he and my dad made a plan for getting split up, and that he was sure my dad was ok.
    I stood and waited for him, and he still never came up the hill. My fiance could tell I was worried, but in all HONESTY he seemed ANNOYED with me over it. So, I felt offended, and decided to go looking myself.
    Well, he followed me, and he got ahead of me, and went in the trees, I said "hunny, wait for me!" and he was obviously annoyed byt his tone and replied "well hurry up!" This was really making me mad, his annoyed tone with me, but I come around the corner and he was waiting for me, I looked down through the pine trees and I seen a man, but it wasnt my dad it was some other guy. I got excited and pointed and again my fiance has that ANNOYED tone and said, "thats not your dad!" By this point I had had enough of him snapping at me so I threw up my arms and said "Im not going with you then" and turned around, and he raised his voice to me and said "quit being childish, you are tripping over nothing!" and then there were like 3 gunshots really near by... and I looked at my fiance and started going towards the gun shots thinking my dad must be near by, and he said "where are you going!" and I realllllllly.... had enough. I shouldnt have lost my temper, but the gunshots, and the worry, and his attitude had me angry. So I turned around, and let him have it, I screamed at him, I said quite a few choice cuss words, and basically freaked the heck out on him. Then I told him I was going to leave him in the forest and to F off and walked away. I was so mad at him I didnt even shed a tear, I was just that pissed. Then my daddy... he yelled at me. He said "I didnt teach you to talk like that to people!" And then I cried, cause I realized I had screwed up, if my dad wasnt on my side...
    My dad told me, "why are you so sensitive?!" I started crying and I told him I dont know, but I dont like it, and I feel crazy."
    I talked to my fiance and told him I was sorry, and explained to him I did not like his annoyed tone, that he made me feel like he thought I was being stupid. He told me he was sorry, but not to ever yell at him again, and that it was mean of me to tell him Id leave him on the mountain.
    Please help me understand why I have such mood swings, I am afraid to call my pdoc I am losing faith in the healthcare system, no one helps you, they just pawn you off to specialist after specialist and charge you lots of money.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this has happened!

    Please do not be afraid to call your pdoc, hopefully you guys can work together to figure out what's going on with your mood swings, thoughts, reactions, and behaviors.

    Have you posted with our Relationships and Coping Community? Dr. Becker-Phelps may have some suggestions for better and easier communication with your guy and family.

    I did a little searching about mood swings, check out these resources I found -

    Mood Swings - Depression or Something Else?
    Bipolar, Manic Depression, Mood Swings: Are these the same?
    PMS - Health Center

    Hope you are having a better week,
    lissmeanstrouble replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Dr Becker-phelps has been really helpful in the past, I appreciate your input.
    My pdoc wants me to talk to this therapist guy, but I like her... she doesnt have time for me or something.

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