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An_247862 posted:
I have had depression for a long time. I can't seem to make any progress. The medication doesn't seem to be helping. I found out that ECT only works 54% of the time and I don't care for the side effects. I have been locked up one time before for my own good and now realize that I can only tell the therapist some of what I feel "for my own good". Where do you go from here? I think the light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed straight for me.
soulkeepers responded:

I wish I could tell you where to go from here but I can't.Cause I for myself don't have a clue either.I just was release from a twenty-four hour hold,when I wanted was for Dr.F to listen to me.A lot of that have been going on for me lately,getting people to listen or respond to me.I just chopped it up as not caring or wanna be bothered.

Never tried ETC so can comment on that issue.Sorry for all that you are going through and hope you can find someone or something to help you.It gets frustrating sometimes when you feel like there's no place left to turn too.

Wish I had some advice and sorry for rambling about my garbage.
chez1 responded:
Hi An_247862
Believe me when I say I understand about the light at the end of the tunnel, but I have to believe that things will get better, that this illness (which it is an illness) will get better and I will again be able to look at the sky for the light as opposed to the oncoming train.
I have without a doubt been to hell and back in the past six months, I have done more stupid and irresponsible things that I could ever dream to share, but I am still here, and that makes me question the decisions I have made, the belief's that I have and the reality that I have been believing in - surely if the train was going to hit me it would have done it by now!!
So at the end of my ramble, I would like to say, don't write anything off, speak to the psychiatrists, primary dr's and whoever has an invested interest in you and your well being and be guided by them, because they do care and want to see you feeling better. (if they even have a concept that you are not well)
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