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Other people's comments
An_248262 posted:
Hi-I am pained to say this,but most people in this 'educated, enlightened' country of ours are still in the dark ages about depression!! I would say only one person in my large family understands it at all. And she only came to understand after a thyroid problem that knocked her off her feet. Then she realized how mental problems can be biological and physical in nature. Most of the others are in denial, believe the lies (you're lazy, self-centered, etc.), don't know how to deal with someone else's feelings so they avoid the person, or are afraid they will 'catch' what you have. The 'stupid' list goes on and on. Unfortunately, it only adds to our feelings of being alone, causes us to isolate further, and increases our pain and grief. I hope you can find a therapist, a group for depression etc., or a 12 step group. Make sure they feel 'safe' and don't 'shame' you further before revealing too much personal information. I have a couple of friends, my therapist, and my faith. I read a lot that validates my experience and helps me to help myself. Just know this: you are NOT alone; it is not all about you (you are reaching out, asking for help & understanding.) Avoid those who won't support you and find some who will. Family can be most cruel. If they are open-I might give them a 'pamphlet' on depression. Or recommend a PBS show that deals with different aspects of depression. Even people who have had some experience of depression may assume that yours is just like theirs. "Well,I did this....& you should...." There are different types and degrees of depression. So even others with good intentions may not really know or understand your individual experience. Be good to yourself. You are worthy. You are valuable. You deserve happiness, love, compassion, and so much more. If others can't give that to you, please find a way to comfort yourself. Some people are just 'clueless,' and others are just plain cruel. Avoid them like you say you have. Prayers & HOPE for you! Me
chez1 responded:
Hi An_248262

you raise so many very important issues, it is true that in this day and age it is incredulous that people still believe that depression can "be got over" or "can be caught". it is frustrating, hurtful and sadly often reinforces our negative thoughts and belief's of ourselves.

I am glad that you have insight that others have little concept as opposed to taking on the blame culture. I want to welcome you to this forum, where like you, everyone understands depression, they are either living with it or living with some who is depressed. We all have some insight to how it feels and posting here helps us express our experiences without fear of judgement.
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily....... Zig Ziglar

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