Anon_152804 posted:
The weekend is here again, and instead of looking forward to great events that may occur, i think about disappointments that i may encounter this weekend. I just want to camp in my bed this weekend. that's such a safe place for me. i have internet access, tv, a comfy bed, all the junk food i want and my cell phone, this is peace place for me, but weird for everyone else. i feel safe here no one to criticize or complain, no one to tell me how great their life is. i have isolated myself for so long that now it is so difficult for me to even be around people, and i often i don't go into the parts of my house. but i want more, but I'm afraid, people that i trusted have disappointed me recently. and thats my fault because i should not have let them in so soon, i was to quick to trust. but i don't want that to be my way of life. but how do i step out, who do i let in?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
It's now Monday and I hope you had a safe weekend.

Sometimes a safe place and peace are needed, I get it. But I also hope you did not isolate yourself completely. I hope you are safe.

I am so sorry others have disappointed you and you raise a very good question. It is difficult to know what and how much to share. Small steps....

Please check back in to let us know how you are doing,