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15 year old daughter
50shadesofme posted:
I have a 15 year old daughter dealing with depression. I know nobody can understand what she is going through but being closer to her than most (and that's unfortunately, not as close as I'd like) I can see what she is feeling more than most. I do not know how to help or what to do. I have taken her to a psychiatrist; on her wishes actually. They sent us to a specialist who diagnosed her last year with depression. She was put on meds but will not take them anymore. She feels they make her too tired and don't do anything to help her. She has informed me that she has turned to marijuana on an occasional basis (once every week or two she says) and that makes her feel better. She says she doesn't use it to BE happy, but that she uses it for fun and one of the side effects is that is makes her happier. She won't go back and talk to a counsellor. She feels she is doing what is right and nobody can tell her different. I'm at a loss. She's lost an uncle who committed suicide because of drugs, alcohol and gambling addictions. She has a stepbrother who is ruining his life because of drugs (in and out of detention homes but seems to be trying to help himself yet won't stop doing drugs). She promises me she will never try anything harder. I don't smoke and might have one glass of wine a week at home so she didn't learn it there.

I know it is a struggle for her to go through every single day. Some days she feels she has tons of friends, others she says she has none and feels worthless.

It is so hard for a mother to see her teenage child go through this and not know how to help. I know I can't fix it but I have read so much on the whole marijuana/pot thing for depression and have seen completely mixed results. But all of them have pretty much stated that in the long term, it can do more damage and cause more thoughts of suicide, etc. She assures me this won't be the case for her because she doesn't ever have thoughts of suicide.

Please, any thoughts or suggestions would be extremely appreciated. I need to know how to help her in any way I can. She distances herself from family and lives on twitter and going out with friends, always trying to find a party to go to. What should I do?
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

I know how hard this all is, and I really feel for you!!

I think its smart not to give up yet......there is help and hope out there!

What about finding a new psychiatrist? Now that you have a diagnosis, can you find a good female one in your area to see and treat your daughter?

I have found a lot of support through NAMI. They have many meetings and functions to help support the parents of children with mental illness.
Here is their link:

There is also the DBSA, who may have some local support for you:

I always find it helpful to talk to other parents going thru the same issues.....they can offer ideas and support for you locally.

Keep searching for help and support, you are not alone out there!
Take care,

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