Not Feeling Better
lionbaby73 posted:
Hello. Ive been a depression sufferer for over 15yrs and recently made my 2nd stay at a hospital. Its been almost a month since I came back home but since day one I havent had a chance to really recuperate. Since the day I got back I had to act like none of it ever happened and I honestly think I should had stayed in the hospital a little longer. I started seeing a therapist weekly and was seen by a psychiatrist once since Ive been home. I'd noticed that Ive had only a couple of really good days but several really BAD days. Sometimes I feel like calling the hot lines but I hesitate and end up not doing it. I find myself spacing out or "looking" very sad (so my boyfriend says) but I dont seem to have any control over it. Getting up in the morning is still a struggle. Socializing is the last thing on my mind, on the contrary, I find myself avoiding texts,calls and visitors. Today I'm having a bad day. Been home alone with my boyfriend all day and I cant get myself to even smile at him. I feel repulsed, angry, sad, and many other things I dont want to mention. **SIGH** Ive been taking Buspar and Remeron for my symptoms but I dont feel they are working yet.
Demons2011 responded:
Lionbaby, like most of us it takes a fair amount of time for the meds to kick in, anywhere from 3-6 wks. They do help some, but the drugs are not a cure. I'm still trying to cope with everything you discribed, but off the meds - too many side effects for me (sleepiness, anger, memory issues. (not just an age thing.) Hang in there, try really putting out a lot of effort in therapy. It will be a battle, one you can handle and help reduce the constant drain.