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major depression
bslinkymi1212 posted:
have treatment resistant depression and i'm looking for advice. i've tried a number of antidepressants, some have worked temporarily. i'm looking for reliable treatment. now i'm trying viibryd. i asked about remeron because i heard it might work with trd and because i'm quite thin and heard it helps with appetite and gaining weight. i'm also curious about deplin. vitamin D? is there anything i should mention to my doc next time i see her?
Demons2011 responded:
bslinkymi1212, I would really push on more information on the Vit D, perhaps with additional melatonin if you're have sleep issues as in not enough.

The other serotonin drugs seem to have a lfe cycle of effectiveness. Then ending up on a cocktail of drugs. At this time I don't know of a drug which truly removes depression, reduces from some, yes - cure no. Sorry to say, sometimes I could almost be a conspiracy theroist on drug companies and their practices.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Everything you mentioned is good. Remeron has some studies showing that when combined with other antidepressants it can work for resistant depression. the folate-like vitamin, Deplin also has studies... Vit D has the least data, but I have seen it help folks too