All the new people
Demons2011 posted:
Kind of glad seeing so many new names here. A kind of sad/glad. I know I haven't been on much lately but having everyone here helps defeat the isolation of depression. The discussions, remarks, and thoughts help so much.
chez1 responded:
Hey Demons
I have been thinking about change, as in changes that happen around us. I have realised of late that I don't cope too well as things change around me.
I found out last week that the dr that i see regularly will be away for 3 months, it just sent me into a spin. I know it is ridiculous to react in this way but it is a change to my coping strategies. Now I know I will get through it and I know I will be fine, I just find it interesting that change affects me so much.
I am not sure if it is an age thing or depression that has caused this as in the past I have embraced change, infact welcomed it and worked towards it.
Anyway, just want to say welcome to everyone that is new to the forum and hope that you all feel the same support that those of us who have been hanging around for a while feel.
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