An old post of mine
Demons2011 posted:
Hello old friend. Have you come to visit again?[br>[br>You haven't changed much, still looking out of the fog.[br>[br>You can't come into the light, your song is like a river of shadows.[br>[br>You bring the shadows of sadness, and desolation.[br>[br>You bring loneliness in a crowed room, you draw your strength[br>from the icy lifeless waters.[br>[br>You encase the soul within your shadows.[br>[br>You drink the life light from those that know you.[br>[br>You take the warmth of the sun and swallow its joy.[br>[br>You steal the faith and hope from ones faith.[br>[br>You hide the joy of life with your shadows. Cloaked in your swirling mists.[br>[br>You are the soulless shadow man.[br>[br>I know you to well.[br>[br>I let you draw me into your shadows, cold and lifeless.[br>[br>I let myself be seduced by your songs, you are a siren from hell.[br>[br>I let you encase my dreams in shadows so deep, the next step[br>can not be seen.[br>[br>I let you steal my hopes, my faith in God and self.[br>[br>I let you take the warmth of my soul, yet it waits for my return.[br>[br>I let you take the joy of friends and family.[br>[br>I let you take the smile from my heart.