How do you know if it's just life or need a change in meds?
JenStD74 posted:
I've been diagnosed with chronic depression for years now. I've had high and low periods, especially after having kids, etc. Since having my son in January, my doctor has been working with me to adjust my medications to get me back to the right level.

My question is, how do I know when I should go back to the doctor for another adjustment, and when is it just a result of life? I'm not happy with my job, so I get down. With 2 kids, I feel like I'm stuck, because my evenings are crazy and I rarely get enough downtime to do really focus on a job search. Every weekend I think I'm going to work on my resume and start looking, but then it's Monday again and I haven't done anything.

I just don't know if my inability to do what I need to do is a result of my depression and needing to adjust my meds, or if it's just my way of life right now.

Jeune1 responded:
I think if you're feeling overwhelmed you should definitely talk to you your doctor but could you benefit from something like talk therapy as well?
JenStD74 replied to Jeune1's response:
I'd love to do talk therapy, but unfortunately, even with insurance, the cost is out of our budget right now.
Jeune1 replied to JenStD74's response:
I understand. There may be places in your area that offer therapy on a sliding scale. You might also try the DBSA , which offers a peer-to-peer support group that you can dial into.

But I have a stupid question: Does the doctor prescribing your meds not offer talk therapy? I ask because I see a nurse practitioner who does talk therapy and she also writes scripts. I'm guess I'm just wondering if your insurance would cover someone who does both?