Therapist, psychaitrist, doctor??
Jeune1 posted:
I'm sure this is a stupid question but I've been coming here for a while here and I'm still confused by how people define various health care providers, or at least what they do.

So, does a doctor mean someone who JUST writes a script (and provides no talk therapy), a psychiatrist does BOTH (scripts and talk therapy) and a therapist just does talk therapy??

Again, I know it is simple but I've been wondering about this for a while.
chez1 responded:
Hey Jeune
Not sure I can help as it may be different here in the UK but I think it is the same.
It pretty much is what you say above, the dr, the person you have to see first and will diagnose problem and prescribe and review medication, if he/she thinks that you need more specialist support/help then will recommend pyschiatrist who specialises in mental health problems and can prescribe, not sure they provide therapy, if they do I would imagine it would be very costly. And therapist, can be psychologist or qualified counsellor will offer a range of talk therapies with no prescribing - so actually, as i understand it what you said in your post.
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