Husband and Son Depressed
Mumsy51 posted:
Wow! You guys are great! What wonderful advice and I really hope that I can be strong enough to heed it. I have planned a trip this weekend to go to my sister's home out of state and I am taking my son so he can hopefully have a change of scenery and break the habit of arguing, etc. with my husband. Also, he needs a break, too.
I have already started to inform my husband that he does not have the right to speak to me and our son the way he does just because he is ill. The clinical trial he is in is ongoing so we won't know if it is working for a few more months. If it does not work, I am sure that things might get worse because I am convinced that he has not fully come to terms with his cancer diagnosis, even after 10 years. So, please pray for us and know that I truly appreciate all of the advice given here. I will post as soon as I return. Thanks!
GiGi1984 responded:
Way to go Mumsy! I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself. Please remember that your husbands behavior may get worse before it gets better because people fight harder when trying to maintain homeostasis in a relationship. So stick to your guns because you deserve respect at the very least. Have a great time visiting your sister and laugh alot.