deasertrose posted:
I'm so totally stessed put at work. We (there was only 2 of us) couldn't get anythong done cause there were people in the store non stopped all the way up to 9pm. I am so tired and depressed and having tterrible chest pain. It's not my heart says my heart doc. I just want to know what is wrong. I don't want to work shoot I don't want to live. If I could just go to sleep and know one bother me until I decide to wake up which could be forever for all i care. That's it need to go to bed it's 11:20pm.
itmatsb responded:
So sorry to hear about your problems. Your real problem is your depression which you need more help with. Get a good psychiatrist to treat you. If your work was not so busy, I think that you would be worse off, directly dealing with the depression. At least you get a distraction during work. You will be tired regardless due to the depresssion which is known to cause extreme fatigue. Unless it's caused by your medication, but don't change your medication without consulting your doctor. I hope that you will keep your job and hopefully get better medical treatment for your depression. Good luck.