Spouse or Partner Depression
Circuitman posted:
I am currently experiencing my spouse fading away from our relationship of 27 years with a chronic state of deep depression and anxiety. She has been on meds for 20 years and has recently cut the meds to almost none. This has led to an increase of depressed state and irrational decisions. I have begged and pleaded for her to go to a PSYC to deal with her issues but she refuses and is in denial about the changes that I clearly see and feel of her changes. She has even recently withdrawn her relationship with our only daughter and has sent me an email to terminate our 24+ years of marriage as she says she wants to begin a new life and focus on herself. I am looking for ideas to intervene in this with her but have no idea how to do that without negative and possibly explosive reactions. Any suggestions are deeply appreciated.

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Any one with spouse or partner with deep chronic depression, bipolar, ADHD please respond with your suggestions and recommendations, please!!
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Jeune1 responded:
I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope you'll take care of yourself. I strongly suggest you to talk to a counselor yourself to get help working through this. You can ask her to go with you, but if she won't, that shouldn't stop you.

The only exception to this of course is if she becomes suicidal. It doesn't sound like she is, but if that happens, that's the point you call 9-1-1.

Please keep checking in here because there are a lot of people dealing with depressed significant others and family members.

Take care