Effexor and Viibryd
haey posted:
Effexor and Viibryd I was wondering something my doctor was wanting me to get off of Effexor Xr 112mg and switch to Viibryd, I have been on Effexor for about 7 years, the reason for the switch is my weight gain. But I was just wondering if the process is safe, he said to start taking effexor 75mg in the mourning and then Viibryd small dose at night for a week then switch to effexor 37.5 and up a does a Viibryd for a week then after the week stop taking Effexor is this safe and what are the side effects from it.
lexismom11 responded:
This is probably a question best answered by the doctor. Some medications require being weaned off of slowly. I would think your doctor would know how to transition to the new med properly. The side effects from the med change can vary from person to person. Some people find it difficult to transition and others find it easy.
sscarver responded:
Not necessarily related to your question but I tried Viibryd for a couple of months and it didn't help me a bit. I know everyone reacts differently to meds but just wanted to throw that out there.