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bornagain216 posted:
I have recently started on Wellbutrin. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with it? And how long should I expect it to take effect? I also take Effexor, Risperdol, Lamictal and Klonopin.
lissmeanstrouble responded:
I have been taking sertraline for about a year... and about 6 months ago or more, my doc tried combining in wellbutrin, cause I was having issues with energy. Within the first week I noticed I had more energy. But then I began not sleeping, and feeling jittery, and chewing on things. Its caused my anxiety to get really bad, and dare I say, made me feel like a crack head. I have not used any wellbutrin since then and still struggle with energy, but feel better off welbutrin than on. My experience with it....
Also they rant and rave about its weight loss effects, and I probably gained more then I lost on it.
Femfatal responded:
Depends on a lot of factors, your pharmacist would be a good person to ask especially with all the other medications you take.

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Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
wellbutrin, like any antidepressant can take several weeks to gradually work. Its dose may also need to be increased. It can have side effects if anxiety, insomnia, nausea, dry mouth...