Hello Again
Demons2011 posted:
Been absent for a little while. I'll be going through old posts to see how everyone has been doing. Hoping I haven't upset anyone. I tried staying away for a bit to see if that would help, it hasn't. I have found that being here with you is a source of strength; of shared struggles with depression. I had to try this, it didn't help to be away.
trees8 responded:
Hello. I just joined and I hope to be on this site more often because I found a lot of people's advice to post on. It has given me some sort of hope and extra help dealing with depression.

I hope to post to more people's postings. I want this to be a place of help and support. I'm honestly hoping that I will meet someone here to talk to about my struggles and maybe provide some help on how to deal with depression more effectively.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to trees8's response:
Welcome trees and welcome back demons!

I'm glad you are here and hope that you do find support here that helps you feel better - in a big or small way.

I find that just typing and posting can often have a cathartic effect since I spend so much time inside my own head

Please keep posting - no topic is off limits!