Broken leg and depression
LeShanna1 posted:
Is it common to experience depression after a leg fracture? I fracture my fibula about a week ago and this week I have been an emotional wreck. I'm crying at the drop of a hat, which is extremely out of the norm for me. Just wondering is there some connection, is it that my body chemistry is off due to the fracture. Is this something that is normal and will pass with time?
bornagain216 responded:
My thought is that it's perfectly normal to go through a bunch of different emotions when something in your life changes your everyday routine. A broken leg alters how you get dressed, how you bathe, how you function every day. I think it's a grieving grieve the old way of functioning. Let the tears fall! They are there for you're emotional healing. Assuming you're not already diagnosed with depression, I think this will pass once you're able to manuever better and especially when that cast comes off!
(((hugs))) and healing!