Feeling better
beautifulbuffalo posted:
Since my med change I have been starting to feel better. My daughter is looking for a car and she told me last night that just because I will have my car back she still doesn;'t want me to take the baby (15 months) out. I spoke up for the first time in my life and told her that when she gets her car I will buy a car seat for my car and if I have to go to the store I will go. I'm not going out just to go out and waste gas since I live 30 minutes from town and my Jeep only gets 15 mpg. And being on disability I don't make much so there is no money to go anyplace.,

That is a big problem with me is that I let people walk all over me and I don';t speak up. I have social anxiety along with everything else and it extends to my family life. I do as told.
deasertrose responded:
I'm glad you spoke up for yourself. Come rub off on me so I can. I just had to sneak in the dry cleaning and I have a birthday dinner to go to that I'm scared to tell anyone that I'm going. I applaud you!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Beatuiful, I am SO PROUD of you and just thrilled that you are feeling better!

As you continue to stand up for yourself and find your voice, it will be come easier and easier. And it's got to be a contributing factor to feeling better too!

(((Hugs))) from the west coast - have a great weekend!