I hate life. Can I just drop dead?
An_249430 posted:
I hate life. I hate living. I have to force myself to go outside, to go to work. People irriate me. The ups and downs of life confuse and upset me. I figure my life is pointless. My existence is pointless. Worse, I don't care if people are about me. I just wantr them to leave me alone. If I never saw another human as long as I lived, I wouldn't care. I could stay in my house forever and never go out. If I died tomorrow, I don't care. I don't care about anything, really.
beautifulbuffalo responded:
I totally hear what your saying. I was there at one point in my life and ended up in the hospital 4 times. I still feel this way at times. Do you see a therapist? Is he/she helping you with your thoughts. Are you on medication.
Cheer Up!
AlexanderCali responded:
I hope you are doing better. My prayers go out to you I know what that feels like I have been there but we need to figh this each day, this depression that consumes our soul. We can talk through skype or msn if you need someone to talk to
god bess you
kaykillen responded:
prayer helps. try it
perthy replied to beautifulbuffalo's response:
Never once seen a therapist.
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perthy replied to kaykillen's response:
I don't believe in God.