deasertrose posted:
This has been the worst couple of months. My grandmother died and I didn't get to say goodbye. My best friends mother died and I told her that I couldn't come to prayers cause I was afraid how I was going to react to things seeing how it had been only a week. I was in a car accident. Tore up my car went to the ER. Hurt my entire spine. Called the insurance company to get the ball rolling but my husband said he didn't know if he wanted it fixed. Well it got fixed. My husband got pissed cause he just wanted to junk it and he also had to fix the brakes. No brakes Needless to say I got chewed out. I just had surgery and I have the worst cold you would wish on your enemy. Oh and I have almost walked out of work in the middle of my shift. There areonly 2 of us working during my shift and it is freaking Christmas.
I haven't done anything in a month. I was suppose to make an apron for work. Not! Ironing. Not! Cooking dinner.Not! Cleaning.Not! Showering, you get the picture. My husband is getting to go away for a moth or more and that is when I get suicidal. I've been thinking about but I guess I can wait just a little longer. Merry Christmas in what ever faith you may be!!!!!