Antidotes for antidepressant-caused sexual dysfunction?
forgetfulagain posted:
Dr. Schwartz,

You mentioned in an earlier post that there might be antidotes for sexual dysfuntion caused by antidepressants:
"If you have to be on a serotonergic antidepressant and develop sexual problems, consider asking your doctor for an antidote. Almost none of these medications are FDA approved for improving sexual functioning, however many psychiatrists use them in order to lower sexual side effects while keeping their patient on an effective serotonin antidepressant."
I wonder if you can maybe list some specific ones?
I already take Wellbutrin and Trazodone as well as my primary Cymbalta and low-dose Seroquel for PTSD. I have chronic depression and cannot even consider stopping them, but I also do not want to live without my sex drive or with delayed or absent orgasms like I do now.
I want to have some specific ones to ask my doctor about.

forgetfulagain (34 yr female)