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Too depressed, angry. Begging for help
SutphinD1991 posted:
I have a hugee weird issue I bet MOST OF YOU HAVEN'T heard. I am a Muay Thai fighter, I stick to organics, however, i'll add this. I do have ADD. It drives me nuts. I get mad at little things, dropping something can drive me up the wall, I get very bad depression sometimes (actually did today, broke down) I work as a Union Electrician, just started it, it's a nice job. I also work Dietary and Utility guy at the Hospital. I also attend electrician school. Recently I have also been reading about gods/extraterrestrial beings, etc. My beliefs are way different now, I feel so sure about them, but they drive me crazy. I feel like my whole hope, good, and positive moods have erased. I feel like nothings coming for me and tha tI won't last through this career. But I can be the most CALM person in the world! I listen to relaxation music it keeps me happy. I'm multicultural and am Greek myself. Other countries music inspires me and keeps me going. My mind is on F right now full or information. It's making everything so hard. Now I'm in a state of mind where I have no good mood it's just a hopeless one, like there may be no after life, or they're might be, like all the spiritual stuff we learned as children is all fake, it's just killing me. I need something to keep me up, and to crack down what's really going on! Please someone, anyone

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lissmeanstrouble responded:
Just keep in mind that NO BODY KNOWS what happens when you die until you die.

Its horrible to really dwell on the reality of your body in the dirt just rotting. Weve all seen what happens to your body aftr you die, and its not pretty. Thats why human kind has looked for answers to what happens to the soul, so they are not afraid to go on with life... I too am very spiritually confused. As a Muay Thai fighter, your probably at least under 35, my fiance was an MMA fighter and retired a year ago cause he says hes too old... but I think hes still young enough and you probably are too, to give yourself time to lull around these thoughts, and some day you will get over your previous beliefs just like you had to get over the fact that santa claus isnt really when your a kid.
Some times I think learning that santa claus isnt real is like a precursor for children to learn that.... life isnt what it seems.

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