acting out
An_249786 posted:
will depression make you do things you do not normally do? I know that I go through what I call crashing or shut down. no interests in anything but laying in bed, sleep, eat, dont eat, dont sleep. but I find myself doing odd things. things i would really not do when I am having a good day. almost as like its not me really. then when I realize what I have done, i want to shut down. I have very low self esteem and told by my friends try to help me. tell me I am a good person becasue I am. I know this deep inside I do. but I tend to settle with things that I shouldnt. Men esp.I tend to seek out ones who are lonely and need help and i try to help them and careless for myself. There is so much more to this. To my past. But I wanted to find out about the acting out becasue its a little scary. I have great friends who support me with my family issues, divorce and me being a lost cause. But this acting out thing is a little to much for me to talk with them about. Bad enough I feel as tho I get paranoid. I believe I am trying to force something for comfort and only getting guilt or shame.