Dr. Schwartz: Question on gradual dosage of anti-depressant
Anon_963 posted:
I am one of those who cannot take 'many' anti-depressants! I've tried most of the newer ones and side effects are so bothersome, had to quit.
Now I'm taking Prozac--lowest dose--10 mg. and taking it every 3rd day (once a day) for about 2 weeks, then go to once a day- every 2 days, and hopefully, after a week begin to take one a day, everyday.

My doctor said to give this a try. I also see a therapist and am feeling alot better. but still have many days of real depression and lots of tears, etc. Physical issues have brought it on, but not serious ones, just quality of life altering ones and my mind goes over and over things that really I have no need to worry about--so that's why he's trying me on this medication. Have you had success with patients by trying this type of dosage and in particularly with this medication? Just wondering. Thanks.