deasertrose posted:
A couple of days ago I wrote a post. Web MD sent one of those letters telling you that you should call someone. But the my post was taken off the sight. I had some questions I neede help with. I changed my pdoc appt. for this morning but my pdoc is sick so I can't see her till Monday and my therapist is off Fridays. I don't know if I should ask in another post. Help.
beautifulbuffalo responded:
Any life threatening post that they feel is a trigger to others they will do that tell you to seek help on the hotline or your Dr. and your post will be deleted.

So word it another way that things aren't life threatening to harm yourself.

That's how close the site is monitored. It's for the good of you and others posting. I didn't get to see your other site. So write again.

Good Luck