Looking for answers
CharleyQ86 posted:
I really at a crossroads on what to do. I have been dealing with depression since I was a young child but I have always only been treated with psyhcotherapy due to the fact that my parents did not believe in medication. I'm 26 now and have been dealing with my demons by telling my friends my feelings which they in turn tell me that I need to stop thinking that way and change. When I explain to them that it is not that easy, they don't understand and say that i;m being the victim and I don't want to change. I was recently blindsided by one of them ending the friendship due to my depression and not changing within the course of the friendship. It sent me sinking deeper. I started psychotherapy again last week in hopes to get help. But the friend that blindsided me works with me and I feel she is a trigger and my other friends are getting annoyed of me obsessing over it because I can't change it. It makes me have a hard time in and outside of work now. Does anyone have any advise of making it better?