My boyfriend
An_249892 posted:
My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half and started living together after about 3 months. When we first got together he had so much energy and light about him. We used to do so many things together, take drives, go to the movies, go out dancing, go to museums, sit around and talk for hours. Then about a year ago he started to get deeply depressed. He became incredibly irritable and we would get in these awful screaming fights. I talked about him going to therapy and he was vehemently opposed to it. Finally about 4 months ago he decided it was for the best and began going. He really likes his therapist and she suggested to him to try antidepressants. He found a ft. he really liked as well and began taking medication. He also began meditating for hours daily, painting, and taking a lot of vitamins and eating herb and veggie smoothies every day. Physically he is looking much healthier, but he has begun to drift back into his own little world again. He sleeps all day and goes to bed a few hours before I wake up in the morning. When I get home from work we chat for a few minutes and then he says that he wants to meditate or study ancient magic [which has become his hobby recently.> We also used to have a very active sex life, practically every day and now I'm lucky if we do it twice a month. My dad tells me that I'm not married to him so there is no reason for me to stay and be unhappy. But I love him, and I want to marry him and have children with him and grow old together. But I also want to feel important and worthy of attention and sexually desirable. I'm 25 and he is 26, so the idea that my sex life is already over is incredibly disheartening to me. What can I do?