Depression - will I always feel this way?
Blue_Eyes_1 posted:
I have not been happy for about 5 years now. I feel depressed a lot and lately it has gotten worse and worse. I am really struggling. I am only 25. I have everything going for me and so much to be proud of, but I can't see it. I don't believe anything positive that anyone ever says to me. Someone will tell me I'm pretty - and I just think they are crazy. Someone will tell me I'm a great person - and I think "why???" I have zero confidence in myself and am not comfortable in my own skin. I have no friends. I try to date, but I have so much anxiety when it comes to relationships. I am so insecure. I want to find someone to spend my life with, but I know that I need to fix me first. I need to figure out how to be happy again. I just want to wake up one morning and feel happy about life. I want to look in the mirror and not hate every single thing about myself. I am always looking to improve something about myself - whether it's my hair, a new makeup, etc. - it's like nothing I do is ever good enough. It's not good enough for ME. I just feel like this is my life forever. I have been on anti-depressants for a while now. They definitely help me not have as many thoughts of suicide, but I still mostly feel that I could care less if I just died. I look at other people and I just wonder to myself "how are they so happy?" "How do they do that?" I just want to be me again.
itmatsb responded:
Let your doctor know that you are still very depressed. Your doctor can either change the dose or the medication. Also it sounds like you could use therapy. Good luck.