snappy45yoder posted:
I feel like I can't do anything on my own. I had a complete melt down for my husband today because I'm trying a new Yoga class tonight. Ughhh I just want to be able to do things without the melt downs and the tears all the time
itmatsb responded:
It's good that you posted here. It sounds like you care about your marraige, your husband and about yourself. Could you give more detail about what caused your meltdown about trying a new Yoga class? If your anger seems to come out of no where, then you should see a doctor, and preferably a psychiatrist who can evaluate and treat you.
snappy45yoder replied to itmatsb's response:
I love to do things but get sick before I have to do it. I will say and do things to make me feel horrible. I really want to do new things but they scare me. The good news is I did go to Yoga class last Monday and do plan on continuing. Thumbs up to me !!!
prophetess1987 replied to snappy45yoder's response:
yay! i'm glad you ended up going to yoga snappy45yoder! I heard it's great physically and mentally, although the 1 hot yoga class ive been to was INTENSE! lol. I hope you found a good instructor, I heard one's experience depends greatly on the instructor. i hope you find your yoga exciting, that will probably help lessen your negative reaction to doing things, since this turned out to be a positive outcome! so happy for you