A Light in My Future
Femfatal posted:
Just checking back in to let you know I have a new therapist and for the first time in quite some time I have hope. I had been diagnosed with treatment resistant major depression with possible behavior disorder, but all my symptoms didn't fit the bill. There have been other diagnosis, but again the symptoms didn't fit the mold.
My new therapist has reviewed my entire history, 20 years worth, and we've met several times now. He believes the correct diagnosis to be PTSD with depression. That fits. He told me had I been evaluated as a Veteran the diagnosis would have been clear. However, as I've never truly opened up and talked about my nightmares or childhood as I have with him it's been misdiagnosed all these years. That's why all the meds they'd tried have been of little help.
I want to thank this board for pointing me towards several links that got me through the holidays and helped me realize if I was ever going to find peace I had to work through the PTSD. I'd tried a couple times in the past but with counselors who weren't experienced in working with trauma victims, so it didn't work & I gave up. Now I know I can't give up, I have to face & conquer this. Working with a therapist who does have experience in this area, I have hope this time I'll get it right.
Again, thank you for the information links and to those who supported me during hard times.