Irritable Today
beautifulbuffalo posted:
Very Irritable today. Knots in my stomach. I have a baby to watch at 16 months old and is not getting his way and getting mad and it's frustrating me. I don't want to yell at him but it's been so many years that I've raised my own children that I'm not sure how to control myself and just let him have his tantrum. It really stresses me out. Tuesday I watch him from 11-9. That's his mother's work hours. What if I have another day tomorrow like today. what do I do?
GSimp responded:

No worries, stay calm. Take a deep breath. When being with the child becomes overwhelming simply take a step back. Make sure the baby is in a safe place where he can not harm himself (crib or playpen) and take a minute to yourself. If he/she is throwing a tantrum, close the door. Maybe you can step into a bathroom and close that door as well to minimize the sound. Once you've had a chance to pull yourself together return back to the child. Make sure you're not leaving the baby for too long and of course you don't want to leave the baby in the home alone. Good Luck!
lissmeanstrouble responded:
I second gsimp. My one year old nephew can be quite the handful, and he dislikes being ALONE. If I need to pee he will crawl into the bathroom and watch me. He tries to pull the cover off my fireplace, and I have to yell at him NO, Its HOT! cause he needs to learn not to touch it before he burns himself. He gets so sad when you yell at him, really hurts his feelings. Such a sweetie pie tho I cuddle him and he stops. But I do get annoyed that I can not use the bathroom with out him screaming. But really theres nothing else I can do but put him in his playpen and tell him aunt Lissa is going potty hush hush its ok, and usually he just cries for show, so we know hes not happy. LoL, keep a positive outlook on this BB! Whatever you do dont lose your temper on him, just take a few minutes to yourself.