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Depression Meds
bfisch posted:
Another one know a good alternative medicine for Cymbalta. I am a college student and on patient prescription program. I have been paperwork issues with them. I need to find a drug which is cheaper then Cymbalta...It's $275.00 for a month's supply. Any suggestions. I am hoping to hear back from doctor Monday or Tuesday with an alternative. Just hoping someone has an answer for me.

itmatsb responded:
Another anti-depressant in the same class as Cymbalta which is an SNRI, is Effexor which is now available in generic. So you could check into the cost of that generic. It's very important to keep with an anti-depressant which is helping you, so that's why I suggest Effexor. But it would be better to stay on the Cymbalta if it's helping you. What paperwork issues are you having? Can you get the paperwork issues worked out instead? I would be interested in what you come up with. Good luck.
LaReese replied to itmatsb's response:
A word of caution for switching to Effexor. I was on Effexor for several years when suddenly, 3 months ago, I developed a light rash around my nose and mouth area. It would come and go and, each time it would flare up, the rash would consume a larger area and itched like crazy. Then about 2 months ago the rash intensified and covered my entire upper body. My primary sent me to an allergist and after 3 weeks of testing and being on and off Predsisone, he sent me back to my primary without identifying the cause. My primary suspected it was one of my medications ( I was on 2 blood pressure meds and 75mg daily of Effexor. He took me off all of my daily meds and am now just taking two 10mg Predsisone per day with some benedryl for the itching. It has been 8 days off my meds and the withdrawal symptoms are quite severe. I think mostly from the Effexor but my b/p has also been quite high - 180/90 to 193/98. I am very shaky, confused, can't sleep, terrible leg cramps, blurred vision plus I can't trust myself to drive. How long is this going to last??? I do feel better than I did yesterday and the rash is gradually going away but is it because of the Predsisone or taking away the meds causing it? I go back to my primary in 6 days. Hopefully, he will tell me the withdrawal symptoms will be over soon. The doctor stopped the Effexor abruptly because my skin condition had gotten to the point that I was one big red scab. Normally, you are not suppose to stop Effexor abruptly. I suggest you read up on the withdrawals of Effexor before taking it.

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