my neverending unhappiness and depression causing marital problems
resttheweary posted:
I'm undergoing treatment for schizo-affective disorder, PTSD, GAD, delusional disorder, fibromyalgia. I can't find it in myself to be happy, nor have i ever. It seems my husband and i just live together, as if we don't lead a married life, just co-exist while we raise our two young daughters. He's at his breaking point, it's going on 2 yrs of me being this way, i can't show love/affection toward him because i don't feel those emotions anymore. He sleeps during the day and stays up at night, while i sleep at night and do housework/taking care of kids during the day. My lack of happiness is causing his depression/insomnia/. I don't know what to do, he says meet him on middle ground, but i just don't understand things the way most people do and i'm losing him slowly but surely. not sure what i'm looking for in a response, just can't take being such a burden to him anymore. I've been rejected and given up on by many people in my life, and i understand that. I'm lost as to what to do anymore! I'll add that he is very supportive of my mental disorders, he's hit a brick wall though.
socalmsg responded:
hi, rest. i am new to this community but saw your post from a few days back and felt compelled to respond. i know we dont know eachother but my heart just broke for you as i read your words describing your situation. have you tried a sit down conversation with him to lovingly and gently share your concerns and fears?