Disappointed in Viibryd
An_250366 posted:
I just took myself off of viibryd today. I got myself completely off of Effexor, started viibryd only 5mg, worked up to 10mg. Everyday, I had a headache. Feeling like a vice pressing on my head! Annoying. Also, left-sided stiff neck! I thought it was withdrawals from Effexor,but it never left. I'm so disappointed! I am still on 1.5mg of Lexapro, but just upped it today and didn't take the viibryd. I feel ok today. No headache. So, it's definatley the viibryd causing them. I really thought this would be the answer! So disappointed. I'm sooo sick of the inability to orgasm (sorry if TMI) but it's one of the reason's most of us try this med.
Anyone else experience these headaches and stiff, sore muscles??
SuzianStar responded:
What is an orgasm? Sorry, my weak attempt at depression humor. I've been on antidepressants for so much of my life, and have had no lover for the rest. I think I can count all the orgasms I've had on two hands. I hear you. Wish they could figure out how to get rid of this lousy side effect.
No O's 4 me,
yoginiwoman replied to SuzianStar's response:
I hear you. I am lucky to have a nice husband who treats me well. But, he has no libido either from psych meds. Big sigh... I stopped viibryd, then started lamictal (no ss side effects) got the dreaded lamictal rash, stopped that. Now I'm back on lexapro. I feel better emotionally, but dead "down there."