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Vegas58 posted:
Iknow I'm suffering from depression, I've been caring for my husband of over 30 yrs. He has stage 4 bladder cancer. We have a Dr.s appt. Tues. I'm scared to death. He hasn't gotten out of bed for 2 months, so I just I just stay beside him. I also lost my 42 yr.old brother just B-4 x-mas, and my other younger brother and Mom in the past 2 yrs. I cry much more than I should. I can't talk to my kids. I also have my daughter and her 4 young daughters living w/ me. I try very hard not to seem upset in front of the kids. I'm just rambling on... Glad to hear from anyone, Just to say hi and maybe some kind words.
prophetess1987 responded:
major hugs!
it hurts soooo much to have such a looming issue and lost so many ppl especially in a short period of time, i'm not surprised at the reaction you are having. i don't have much advice unfortunately, i'm not one to be known to have a good grieving process, i think i'm still going through the process from my mom's death almost 6 years ago.

is there someone close to you that you trust that you can talk to? from the short bit that you've written, it seems like you need someone to hear you. luckily this is a great place to start. i've found it always helps to talk it out with someone else or type it out here, and that many problems can be solved just be hearing yourself and what you have to say.

lots of hugs and warm thoughts. i hear you, and completely understand.

lotsa luv

wantshappy responded:
Life sucks sometimes and it's made worse by the depression, I find that sometimes it helps just to hug your child, or grandchildren. You are going through a lot, you are stronger than you think, you still get up everyday and deal with everything and you fight the depression. In my books that is STRONG. HUGS