Mom has cancer
An_250496 posted:
Not sure what to say, but in December my depression became severe, I have had PTSD for past 20 years. Was able to go see a therapist and started taking the vitamin GABA. This really helped, but 3 weeks ago, I found out my mom has grade 4 tumor in her brain, and it is hard to keep fighting my depression. I am constantly arguing with her health insurance carrier and managing doctors and paperwork, but I have to maintain my self-care too, or I won't be good to anyone. Part of me feels like I am going to break and fall apart watching her go through this. Thought maybe I could talk to some other caregivers who also combat depression and see what works for them. Or just any positive thoughts in general. Thanks so much.
SuzianStar responded:
Hang in there!!! My Dad had cancer a few years back and it is very draining. It's good you are reaching out for support. Do you have any brothers or sisters to share the load with? Or does Mom have brothers or sisters that can help? I find writing all my thoughts and feelings into a journal very helpful. In a journal I can say anything and everything I feel, even the not so great stuff, the selfish stuff, the unpopular stuff....all of it. It can really help and you can use it anytime you need it - middle of the night to the middle of the day. I hope the best for you and your Mom. It is no fun what you are dealing with. I've been there.
Hugs & Strength to you....