Depression and Anxiety Medication
gorejess116 posted:
I'm currently taking Celexa 20 mg 1x a day along with Klonopin .5 mg 2x a day for depression and general and social anxiety. I've been on the same dose of both for about four months now, and while my symptoms were getting better during the four months, the past two weeks, my symptoms have come back severely all of a sudden. It's as if I'm not even taking the medicines anymore. I can sleep for up to 20 hrs a day (depression) and have panic attacks about 3x a week now, same as before my medication. I've been struggling with both disorders for more than a decade, and only now am I taking the medicines as prescribed. I've tried Lexapro before, and it worked well, but my doctor hasn't talked about putting me on anything else. There again, the symptoms just started again, and I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it. This is my first time taking a medicine for anxiety, and second time on medicine for depression. I think I need to go up on my Celexa (40 mg per day), but should I also talk about going up on my anxiety medication? I had a panic attack today (usually caused with no catalysts, just comes out of nowhere). My fiancee has general anxiety, and can empathize with that, but has no personal experience with depression, so can't understand why I am always tired and weepy. He goes to the old fallback of "just snap out of it" and "just work through it". What is the best tactic to use to help him understand what I'm going through? I'm not seeing a psychologist or counselor, but think that I could benefit from seeing one twice a month as well as seeing my psychiatrist once a month.
jim531 responded:
From my experience, if you were feeling better but then relapsed that means your dose isn't strong enough. 20 mg of celexa is not that much. If Lexapro worked well before, see about going back to that. Good luck.
gorejess116 replied to jim531's response:
Thank you Jim531. I appreciate your prompt response. The Celexa was working great for about 3 mos but I think my tolerance has gone up, which can be easily remedied by upping the dosage.