Where's my post?
jaws82 posted:
I was not notified that my post had been deleted-it was very comforting and someone erased it with my knowledge- What gives staff, that subject was very helpful and comforting?
lissmeanstrouble responded:
a few of my replies have been deleted with out explanation as well. Im assuming they were "triggers" but it seems as if the rules have changed or something?
jaws82 responded:
If you think about it, everything is a trigger if you look at it. Ineeded that person to help me online if I was suicidal at the time. Are they going to block me out if I start a mass suicide because I want help from somebody who has been through that before. THIS BOARD HAS SAVED ME FROM SUICIDE SEVERAL TIMES. Its because I had a "trigger" and others who have been there before me reached out.