barbarafromtucson posted:
Is it just me? I find the music (piano) in the Cymbalta commercial on t.v. very depressing. And when the commercial comes on t.v.--I get it stuck in my head and makes my depression worse!
beautifulbuffalo responded:
I'm not understanding why is would depress you as Cymbalta is a very good medicine for depression. I've used it for years and recently uped it my aches and pains. I take 120mg a day. Good Luck.
jselleck replied to beautifulbuffalo's response:
Don't know about the song, but that drug actually made my bipolar mania worse once I cycled through. In fact just about every anti depressant I've taken since diagnosed with the exception of Prozac has done the same thing. Be very very careful taking this drug. Yes, I am aware that each medicine affects each person differently, but still, educate yourself. That's the mistake I made. I'm now totally off all anti depressants and actually doing better with my bipolar than I have in 7 years. Think about it.

barbarafromtucson replied to beautifulbuffalo's response:
I am sure the medicine is very helpful...I was commenting on the commercial itself, not the medicine it is advertising!