Getting really tired of this
An_250109 posted:
How do you tell the guy you're gonna marry that you're starting to really dislike his parents? Or maybe not say that, bad idea. Idk how to deal with this. I have to keep my feelings to myself...I feel like I'm the doormat here. Recently I've noticed that I'm being criticized and blamed for a lot of things that aren't in my control. I used to feel like at least his mother was nice to me but now I feel like she just sees me as a maid now. I had a panic attack 2 days ago and right after she just told me to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Yesterday I went out and got home really late and all she said was "why didn't you do the dishes?"...well, I wasn't home. But you and your husband were so why couldn't you??? Ughhh, why doesn't he notice these things?
Anon_24521 responded:
She probably thinks you should have done the dishes before you went out. Like Ive told you before, you should probably move out of the inlaws...