Anon_74380 posted:
Can exercise ever be bad or make things worse? I dont know, I feel like my head is numb with no energy or drive. I go for runs, but I feel like they might be hurting more than helping. I feel like I am running on empty and am just forcing my mind and body and maybe putting extra stress on both of them. So, can excercise ever be bad or is it always ok?
alaska_mommy responded:
Probably exercise can be bad occasionally, if your body really is exhausted and just needs sleep then exercising might not be the right choice in that moment. Maybe you could try toning your runs down to an easy jog or a brisk walk and see if that helps?
jim531 responded:
Alaska mommy is right. I try to exercise every day to help my depression but sometimes when I haven't gotten enough sleep the night before, sleeping in helps more than trying to get the workout in. Exercise is great, but if your overdoing it your just going to feel tired all the time.