Hope when you are feeling hopeless?
rohvannyn posted:
I'm feeling pretty good today. Up, able to handle stress and be understanding, not too bad. But I just went through a spell where I was feeling that everything was hopeless and I almost couldn't see the point of doing anything.

Maybe this discussion will help others too. I need suggestions of things I can do, reminders I can keep etc, of why it is worth trying, why life is worth living, that I can go to when I am feeling at my lowest.

I need ways to convince myself that I am worth the air that I breathe, that I am supposed to be here, for the times when I feel I don't. Any quotes, tips, thoughts etc that I can carry with me? How does everyone else remind themselves that it's a good thing to be alive? Religion is not a factor here.

I am feeling fine today, but I would like to nip the depressive thoughts in the bud next time.
Justneedtime responded:
I understand how you feel. Im very up and down and feel as though I am in a hopeless situation. Im trying to learn how to not let people hurt me or feel like I have to please everyone. I feel as though I am up one minute and down the next