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Justneedtime posted:
What do you do when you feel like you really have no one to talk to and those that you having been talking to, really stop reacting? I am going through so much and keep wanting to give up and Im told to just get up and keep going, but yet I don't know where to go
whysotoughwhensomuch responded:
This is exactly how I feel. I work in a very toxic place and was excited to spend time with family for an event and that turned out to be a very toxic environment. Now I am left with an uneasy feeling of how do I move on from here. I have done nothing but complain about my work and my family to friends and do not want to continue to be a burden.
I came here hoping to burden people who might know what I am going through. Plus, it just seems to be a last resort.
I realized I have done a lot of talking about me and not helping you~I do know what you are talking about. I do not know what the answers are. I have been thinking lately, that emotions are very difficult to deal with~reply back with some specifics, maybe I can shed some light for you!
kitty10017 responded:
I also know how you feel. I have lost friends that way. I isolated myself and when I did talk to my "friends", I would talk about the same thing over and over and they got, well, they got sick of me.

While this is a good forum to share your feelings, a therapist can be better. They will listen (we pay them to!) but they won't judge you or get sick of you. You just need to get your feelings out, I get that. If you have a best friend, just sit with them and tell them that you need to cry this out or talk. If they are truly a best friend, they will sit with you.

So many of us want to give up, hell, right now at this moment I want to. And the very few close friends I have tell me the same thing - "Keep going." "It will get better." "He is the one that lost out." And what I have identified as my problem is that I hear them saying it, but I don't believe them. I think, how can I keep going? If I wasn't good enough for him, who am I good enough for?" (one of my issues, as you may tell is that I don't have a relationship). I understand what they are saying to me, but I am not listening or believing them.

Obviously, I can't give you textbook answers to your questions, I can just share experiences of my own. I really would consider seeing a therapist to speak to. Get all your feelings out to them and start conversing with your friends about different topics. I would hate to see other people lose friends like I have. It's not a good feeling.

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