living with wifes depression
An_250975 posted:
I have been living with my wifes depression for a long time. Its been a struggle trying to cope with her illness while juggling work and rasing children. Over the past several months it seems to gotten worse, even though she is on several medications. I just recently found this site and am now seeing how others cope with this issue, an issue we all know dos not go away.
alaska_mommy responded:
All I can say is that if you can, try to be her advocate as far as getting help for her depression. Some people don't want help, or don't want someone else stepping in. But if you can, go with her to her doctor visits, and if she is not being heard by her doc as far as medications not working, then speak up for her. Is she getting counseling I hope?
pete3030 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
yes she sees a therapist regularly, and sees her Dr. They do tweak her meds, which sometimes works. I am totally supportive, but it is still a struggle, i am aways trying to get her to go out and walk or exercise, but she is reluctant to do so.